“I’ve transformed the dreamy, yet playful original by Melouie into a darker, rhythm oriented breakbeat version. Captivated by the deeply woven textural elements of “Eyes Closed” and the heavy use of accoustic instruments, I really brought these elements to the forefront.  During the process, I also decided to put into words the feeling the original evoked and incorporated my own vocals into the track – even though it’s rather unusual for a remix.


Bojus | Stereofox


[ Key Achievements ]

  • playlist support from prominent acts such as Faodial and Koresma

Melouie – Eyes Closed (Bojus Remix)

Release Date : October 14, 2022

[ Genres ]
Breakbeat, Electronica, Garage

[ Similar Artists ]
Overmono, DJ Seinfeld, Tom VR

[ Artist Bio ]
Bojus is an electronic music producer located in Cologne, Germany. 
His music is based on a solid electronic foundation, but also features various organic elements such as field recordings and everyday sounds: A mixture that can rarely be limited to one genre and always unfolds freely.

Being a passionate DJ his music lately focuses more on driving rhythms and booming baselines, but still remains melancholic and somewhat tender.
 With early playlist support of genre greats like Koresma and Faodail, he’s already hinted that he’s someone to keep an eye on.

[ Release Info ]
With over 120k streams on Spotify alone, one of the brightest gems in the catalog of German Electronic producer Melouie is the ever-so-vibrant “Eyes Closed”. This year however, listeners will be introduced to a darker and dreamier version of “Eyes Closed” courtesy of fellow German producer Bojus.

Melouie has quickly developed a reputation for crafting Melodic House bangers influenced by his background in film scoring, thus explaining the dramatic progressions found throughout his music. When it comes to the work of Bojus, his string of sensational singles throughout 2021 has claimed his spot as a rising star within the Downtempo-Electronica realm in Germany… To the point of garnering praise from icons like Koresma and Faodail. Although in his rendition of Melouie’s “Eyes Closed”, Bojus veers towards Breakbeat to craft a remix that’s upbeat yet pleasantly dreamy – ultimately making for a fascinating alternative electronic sound drenched in atmospheric textures and glossy melodies. Even though the remix has a dark and moody veneer to it we’re compelled by the forthcoming drums to groove along with the unorthodox rhythm.

To take things further, Bojus decided to put into words the feeling the original evoked in him and incorporated his own vocals into the track. This is rather unusual for a remix but it shows the extent the producer is willing to bring a unique feeling to life.