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“I was inspired to create these four songs from the evening when the sky was dyed red, as if the sun was just about to set. The warm hues, the weather, and the ambient city noises all evoke a sense of nostalgia. The beats themselves are crafted to be gentle and soothing, with each sound delicately tuned.”



Release Schedule: Aug 29th, 2023
Genres: Beats

Melodic Tape EP is a 4-song collection of sample-driven instrumental hip hop, aiming to evoke nostalgia & sweet melancholy. The songs are united by the dusty drums & mellow compositions which will remind you of the golden hour of a hot summer day.

“Antique” is the 1st single from Melodic Tape EP. It’s the sonic equivalent of sunset–inspired by the ruby red sky seen from Matsuyama’s studio, and has delicate keys & vocal samples, hazy trumpets & dusty drums.

Melodic Tape EP is a soulful boom bap project with a hazy touch, perfect for the slow summer days under the scorching sun – with warm vocal samples & soft beatwork.



Matsuyama is a beatmaker born in Akita, now based in Osaka, Japan, DJing for over two decades and producing hip hop since 2013. He has released two 7inch singles so far, “Taka-Mic (高舞句) feat. Shigechiyo (茂千代) & Shing02” (who’s worked with Nujabes on “Luv(sic)”) and “2nd. Skater’s Delight feat. BASI from In-Shisuto (韻シスト)”.

  • Released on vinyl with Shing02 (worked with Nujabes on “Luv(sic)”)
  • DJ-ing for 2 decades, beatmaking for 10 years
  • Frequently featured on Spotify’s Road Trip To Tokyo
  • Collaboration with New Era – limited edition Matsuyama original caps

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