“‘flowerfest started with a layered guitar loop I made one night after a day spent outside. I sent it over to Daniel (steezy prime) and he kept with the raw feel the start I sent channeled, and rounded it out with some sounds of his own. A few indistinguishable vocal hums later, the track was basically done. Couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and hope everyone loves the simple and sweet final product.”


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  • 100M+ streams on all DSPs combined
  • editorial placements on Spotify’s  Lush Lofi, Jazz Vibes, lofi + chill, lofi sleep
  • featured on Apple Music’s Bedtime Beats
  • 275k +  independent playlist adds combined
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luffmoor x steezy prime – flowerfest

Release Date : December 23, 2022

[ Genres ]
lofi hip hop, chillhop, acoustic

[ Similar Artists ]
Elijah Lee, Nokiaa, Mondo Loops

[ Artist Bio ]
Steezy Prime has seen impressive growth since his first release in 2017. The skilled New York native, currently based in Boston, has accumulated nearly 100 million streams on DSPs. After switching from playing guitar in jazz bands to electronic production in 2014, the artist dived into his vision and taste in terms of sound, while combining both influences to create his own signature in lofi/chillhop music. Daniel is also founder of purity label – a label specializing in the calming and soothing sounds of lofi hip hop.

Luffmoor is US-based producer who besides finishing up dental school is absolutely in love in creating music and exploring the possibilities of the instrumental space. The producer is a skillful guitar player and his chords can often be heard in collaboration with a dozen of talented artists in the genre.

[ Release Info ]

“flowerfest” is artists’ holiday gift for you. A positive ray of sunshine in the cold winter days for anyone who is spending a few stress-free days with friends and family.

A gorgeous blend of lofi hip hop with acoustic/indie elements.

“I’ve had my eye on luffmoor for a few months since he started releasing on purity label. His acoustic melodies were super contagious and I knew we would work well together. One day he sent over this demo and I had a blast flowing on it!”, shares steezy prime.