“With the warm months of summertime approaching, the 4 tracks on the Summer Solstice EP felt like the perfect way to celebrate that freedom of spending time outside in the sunny days we all know and love.”

Low Heat

Low Heat – Summer Solstice EP

Release Date : June 15, 2021
Artist : Low Heat

Take a trip to sunny LA with some smooth boom-bap gems.

Low Heat drew inspiration from the classic West Coast sound, his love for basketball, and summer vibes, for the hot 4-track Summer Solstice EP – the perfect soundtrack for a streetball game.

With “Downtown” the EP sets the stage for a warm summer ride through full-sounding bass lines, lush ethereal reverb and bright bells. “Palm Trees” embodies stellar synths and groovy drums that feel like cruising down Pacific Ave. Subtle vocal samples and sparkly textures will encircle your head, while warm analog bass is bound to make your chest pulse with the rhythm. Syncing with your dribbles, the energizing vibe of “Aquila” brings a smooth heat, with boom-bap percussion and various playful melodies truly capturing the West Coast aesthetic. To top it all off, “Light Leaks” will be the perfect way to end a long day of summer fun by jamming to some guitar flavors and punchy drums at golden hour.

As one of the most renowned Bulgarian beatmakers and music production teachers in the acclaimed Sound Ninja Music Academy, Low Heat’s strong influence on the Sofia beat scene is undeniable. By crafting his style of cosmic instrumental hip-hop and electro-funk, he’s been recognized and supported by Amuse, CloudKid and Sidekick Music amongst many others.

After “Good Together” – Low Heats’s collaboration with Lina Nikol and later with Peyotoff on “Alone At Sunset”, Summer Solstice EP will be his third release via Stereofox Records, bringing you the heat on June 15th, 2021.