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“I make West Coast boom bap almost all the time but I’ve always wanted to try something out of the box, so Greenery EP is what a non-hip-hop Low Heat would sound like.”

Low Heat


Release Schedule: Jul 19th, 2022
Genres: Beats

A tribute to the blooming nature and the long days at the end of spring.

The fascinating Bulgarian producer Low Heat delivers a new out-of-the-box EP called Greenery which shows him in a new light. The 5-track installment takes a more future beats & electronic turn, as opposed to his previous West Coast hip hop projects while still keeping his signature synth-heavy but smooth production.

The first single “24K Light” will seduce you with its dreamy vocal samples, balanced out by fat basslines and captivating future beats. The title track features Low Heat’s signature pulsating synths and the most surprising twist comes with “Super Fly” – an upbeat 4-on-the-floor piece with those chimes we love so much. “Challenge” & “Secret Place” serve as the perfect ease-out of Greenery EP – slower jams but with magnificent percussion grooves and hazy samples.


Low Heat

One of the most experienced and renowned producers in Bulgaria, Low Heat crafts a special blend of cosmic hip-hop, abstract beats & modern funk, often inspired by the West Coast and its synth-heavy sound. He spends his days working on instrumentals, teaching music production at the acclaimed Sound Ninja Music Academy, and making tutorials for his YouTube channel with more than 20k followers.

  • Supported on BBC Radio 1, CLASH Magazine, KCRW, and RINSE.FM
  • Seatured on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals, Creative Focus, New in Electronic & Vida Relax
  • Supported on Deezer's Fresh Soul & TIDAL's Trilha do Jantar
  • 20k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel for Ableton production tutorials & equipment reviews
  • 2M+ streams on all DSPs and supported on more than 50k independent playlists
  • endorsed by Native Instruments & partnership with DistroKid

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