“Under The Moonlight is a special track. Sitting outside under the bright moonlight on warm days is always magical. The moon has had a magical attraction for people for thousands of years. The track is a mixture of folk influences, subtle electronics and lofi vibes.

I tried to capture this special full moon mood, imagine a warm summer night, full moon under the starry sky. Just having a good time with friends, so it is also about friendship, shared experiences, nocturnal wonders, big dreams and the little things of everyday life that make life more beautiful.”

Living Room

living room producer

Living Room

Living Room – Under The Moonlight

Release Date : June 3, 2021
Artist : Living Room

Living Room is a German sound engineer founder of Munich-based Rockboxstudio, label owner, DJ, and producer. His experience is a product of years of classical music training, enhanced by the genre versatility acquired in his studio where he works with artists from various genres all bringing something new to the table. Inspired by elements from Ambient, Dub, Chillhop, Lo-Fi, BoomBap, Chill Out, Trip Hop, Jazztronica as well as Drum and Bass and Deep House, the sonic experiences he crafts aim to guide the user into different states of mind.

Inspired by his vision of feeling close to nature, whether this is hiking, surfing or just being out and about, Living Room recreates these last hours of the day feel into this soothing, laid-back beat.