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“With this track, I really wanted to capture a feeling of serenity and calm. I used a conceptual metaphor of floating or flying above the clouds to represent an escape from grounded reality into that place of serenity.

I wrote the chords as pretty as I could and used lush and rich sounds to accompany them. In the end, what I think really sold the feeling of flying above the clouds were the piano runs, which gave the feeling of being “above” the rest of the track.



Release Schedule: Mar 7th, 2022
Genres: Lofi

Topped up by piano runs that will make you feel lighter than air and underlined with mellow lofi beats & shakers, this song will evoke calmness & serenity and can easily make you fly if you just close your eyes and listen.



Having a happy place you can mentally visit during times of uncertainty can be a really effective gateway to calmness. For Vancouver-based music producer kyoshi, this becomes reality in the form of lo-fi hip-hop.

  • 15М+ streams across DSPs
  • Added to 30 Spotify editorials – lofi beats, lofi sleep, lush lofi, lofi + chill, Chill Instrumental Beats & more
  • Featured on Apple’s LoFi Chill, LoFi Sunday, Peaceful Focus, Creative Focus, LoFi Japan
  • Interview on UK blog A.Room
  • Supported on TIDAL’s New Music
  • Added to 19k+ independent playlists

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