With this track, I really wanted to capture a feeling of serenity and calm. I used a conceptual metaphor of floating or flying above the clouds to represent an escape from grounded reality into that place of serenity.

I wrote the chords as pretty as I could and used lush and rich sounds to accompany them. In the end, what I think really sold the feeling of flying above the clouds were the piano runs, which gave the feeling of being “above” the rest of the track.


kyoshi – above the clouds

Release Date : March 7, 2022
Artist : kyoshi

Key Achievements
» 200k plays on his debut EP
» interview on UK blog A.Room
» featured on Dust Collector’s Sky Lounge compilation
» support by curators like Retro Jungle, Fantastic Music, freshgoodies, luvwn, Hip Dozer
» featured on nearly 2k independent playlists

Although kyoshi, the moniker of the Canadian producer, is relatively new (debut release in July 2021 with Stereofox), his previous musical experience and peculiar production touch found a home in numerous playlists and amassed more than 1M streams on Spotify.

His signature pulsating synths are taken one step further in a soothing single called “above the clouds”.

Topped up by piano runs that will make you feel lighter than air and underlined with mellow lofi beats & shakers, this song will evoke calmness & serenity and can easily make you fly if you just close your eyes and listen.