“We wanted to create something beautiful, lighter than air, that will help you unwind.

Etherea EP is dedicated to the calming abilities of nature, to the effortless way clouds move in the sky.”

Kazuki Isogai

kazuki isogai press 01

Kazuki Isogai

sara wakui press 01

Sara Wakui

[ Key Achievements ]

  • 30 Spotify editorials combined, including lofi beats, New Music Friday UK & Japan, New Music Wednesday, Jazztronica, Fresh Finds Jazz, Road Trip To Tokyo, Shimmer, Orbit & more
  • Kazuki was featured on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals, LoFi Sunday, Creative Focus, Peaceful Focus
  • previous Stereofox releases of Kazuki Isogai surpassed 7.5M streams across DSPs
  • over 11M Spotify streams combined
  • 220K followers on IG combined
  • Kazuki Isogai is a guitarist of Kaela Kimura (431K on IG) & Def Tech (243K followers on Spotify)
  • Kazuki appeared on the cover of D’Angelico New York guitar magazine
  • Kazuki’s collaborative album with edbl was added to 9 editorials & amassed half a million streams in under 2 months
  • Radio rotation on BBC, SBS Australia & more
  • supported in over 50k independent playlists, including curators like Chillhop Music, Retro Jungle, Life At, College Music, Filtr US, Double J, DQBT Records, Axel Tanner & more

Kazuki Isogai & Sara Wakui – Etherea EP

Release Date : July 14, 2022
Artist : Kazuki Isogai

[ Schedule ]
June 30th – “Basking in the Sun”
July 14th – Etherea EP

[ Genres ]
lofi hip hop, jazzhop, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
Beau Diako, edbl, Melanie Faye

[ Artist Bio ]
Kazuki Isogai is a renowned Japanese guitarist with 220K followers on IG and 11M streams on Spotify alone. He’s the guitarist of Japanese pop star Kaela Kimura & Tokyo band Def Tech. His joint album with edbl received tremendous support – 9 editorials (including New Music Friday UK & Japan) & half a million streams in under 2 months. Kazuki’s previous Stereofox Records releases surpassed 7.5M streams across DSPs – with support from Spotify (lofi beats, Road Trip To Tokyo, Shimmer, etc.), Apple Music (BEATstrumentals, LoFi Sunday, Pure Focus), and independent curators (Retro Jungle, Life At, College Music, Filtr US, etc.).

Sara Wakui is one of Japan’s most exciting emerging artists in the jazz realm. Both her previous songs with Spice rhythm got added to 9 Spotify editorials including Modern Jazz Japan, Fresh Finds Jazz, and New Music Wednesday.

[ Release Info ]
Following his successful collab album with edbl, Kazuki Isogai is back with another release with Stereofox Records.

This new gorgeous project, called Etherea EP, is with emerging Japanese talent – producer & keyboardist Sara Wakui. 5 songs, inspired by all things natural & the effortless flow of everything around us. The embodiment of elegance and airiness.

The 1st single “Basking in the Sun” represents the lightness that nature brings us – through warm keys, shimmering guitars, and utterly chilled beats. “Etherea”, which gave the title to the EP, features Sara’s signature mesmerizing jazz keys and “Skyward” will uplift you with Kazuki’s guitar licks and Wakui’s heartfelt piano compositions. The opening and closing tracks are absolute gems, too – with one of the most beautiful saxophone melodies ever in “Lighter Than Air” and the outworldly guitar & key chemistry that will make you smile in “Timelessness”.