We did a songwriting session with GORO and we came up with a lot of great ideas. With this set of songs, we wanted to capture the feeling of the ocean, looking at the water horizon, and pay our tribute & respect to it.

Kazuki Isogai


Release Schedule: Jan 17th - "A Quiet Storm"
Feb 14th - "Promise"
Mar 6th - Seawater EP
Genres: Beats, Lofi, Jazz

Renowned Japanese guitarist Kazuki Isogai returns to Stereofox for his 9th release, this time in collaboration with GORO KUMAI – an outstanding MPC player, DJ & beatmaker.

Seawater EP is a collection of 5 songs, paying tribute to the ocean – for all its beauty & danger, for giving us life but also being the powerful element it is.

Kazuki’s music always has a delightful jazz touch, thanks to his guitars but in Seawater EP it takes a more boom-bap turn, courtesy of GORO’s raw, old-school beatmaking & sampling – especially found in the single “A Quiet Storm”, and in “Vida” & “Choose You”.


Kazuki Isogai

Kazuki Isogai is a renowned Japanese guitarist with more than 300k followers on Instagram and YouTube and 20M streams across DSPs. He’s the guitarist of Japanese pop star Kaela Kimura & Tokyo band Def Tech.

  • Kazuki Isogai is a guitarist of Kaela Kimura (431K on IG) & Def Tech (243K followers on Spotify)
  • Featured on 10+ Spotify editorials including lofi beats, Road Trip to Tokyo, Smooth Jazz Beats and Shimmer
  • Featured on Apple Music's BEATstrumeantals, Jazz Scene: Japan and Lofi Japan
  • Featured on Deezer's Lofi Japan selection
  • Radio support on BBC Radio 6 (Focus Beats show) and SBS Australia Top 100 Chill Tracks of 2021
  • Appeared on the cover of D’Angelico New York guitar magazine
  • Kazuki’s collaborative album with edbl was added to 30+ editorials & amassed 4M streams across DSPs
  • 300K+ followers on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok


GORO KUMAI is a versatile artist - an MPC player, beatmaker, and DJ. He's renowned for touring with DefTech (together with Kazuki Isogai) & the renowned Japanese rapper KREVA in various roles, including DJing, MPC, and manipulation. He is also the winner of the 2011 GOLDFINGER'S KITCHEN BEATCROSS MPC battle.

  • DMC Champion, DJ, beatmaker & MPC teacher
  • Touring/working with legendary acts like DefTech, KREVA, Emi
  • Collaborations with Kazuki Isogai
  • Featured on Spotify's Road Trip To Tokyo

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