“Rainfall is a jazzy boom-bap and chillhop EP that was inspired by the only real week of rain in LA this year so far. Capturing the feeling of looking out my windows in the studio over the rooftops of rainy LA. The project features Rhodes piano and clarinet over boom-bap drums and lush textures. The only feature on the EP comes from G Mills who recorded some awesome live drums over the track.”

Joe Nora


Joe Nora

Joe Nora – Rainfall EP

Release Date : June 22, 2021

Joe Nora is well-known among the Spotify chill audience, working with acts like Kurt Stewart & Karavelo and being featured on numerous editorial playlists. Rainfall is a continuation of his staple organic electronica sound; a jazzy boom-bap and chillhop EP inspired by the only real week of rain in LA this year so far.

A carefree slow-jam from cover to cover, the EP features some truly memorable moments: smooth clarinet lines in the title track, while G Mills’ airy live drums provide the laid-back rhythms in “Far Out”. The clarinet returns frequently, lending its unique timbre to 3 of the 5 tracks on the release. Like the rain itself, the EP delivers reassurance in repetition, the title track being reworked at the end of the tracklist with the inclusion of a smooth clarinet topline.

The organic electronica sound of the EP brings with it a sense of duality; a push and pull between two ideas. This theme is a deliberate one, running as deep through Joe Nora’s music as it does through his choice of alias:

“The backstory of my name is that before I was born my parents decided they would call me Nora if I was a girl and Joey if I was a boy. Not wanting to know until the day of, they called me Joey Nora up until I was born and they found out I was a boy. It is the kind of balance that I liked about it, the sort of yin and yang of my name and of me.”

The Rainfall EP marks an exciting debut with Stereofox Records for Joe Nora.

Release schedule:
– 25 May – “Boska”
– 8 June – “Far Out” (feat. G Mills)
– 22 June – Rainfall EP