This EP has a very dreamy and nostalgic feeling for me and when I put it together I was thinking about how special field trips used to feel in school, wanting to sit next to your crush on the bus ride there, the rainy or cloudy weather that might have affected the mood, and the cool new stuff you might see along the way or at your destination.

Each song represents a part of that day, waking up and getting in the car all sleepy-eyed, seeing a girl you might like when you get to school, and looking up at the sky as you ride along to some scenic afternoon. All these little moments inspired this little Field Trip Day EP.

Joe Nora


Joe Nora


Joe Nora – Field Trip Day EP

Release Date : January 27, 2022

Release Schedule
» 6 Jan – “Dreamgirl”
» 27 Jan – Field Trip Day EP

Key achievements
» featured on 30 Spotify editorials (including lofi beats, Jazz Vibes, Mellow Beats, Brain Food, Lush Lofi & more)
» previous Stereofox release featured on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals & Creative Focus editorial playlists
» performed on Sofar Sounds Chicago & opened for Charles The First in LA (2020)
» interviewed by VoyageLA magazine & Japan radio
» featured on more than 84k independent playlists on Spotify, including Chillhop Records, luvwn, Jamie Henwood, College Music, Inner Ocean Records, the bootleg boy & more

LA producer Joe Nora is well-known among the chill audience, working with acts like Kurt Stewart, Karavelo & Chester Watson, and being featured on numerous editorial playlists. Also a film photographer, he uses his own photos to create the evoking visual identity of his music. Joe’s organic and “underwater” production, as he calls it, takes a nostalgic turn in his next EP, Field Trip Day – and a 2nd Stereofox Records release.

Soaking you up in its mellowness, the 4-track project tells a story of a rainy field trip day back in school – with those little moments that mean the world to a little kid. Staying true to his peculiar sound design and the use of natural elements, Joe kicks off the project with the single “Dreamgirl” (6 Jan) – hazy vocal samples, together with synths & chimes that feel like you’re in a dream. The focus track “Low Ride” carries Joe’s signature crunchy percussion & spacey synths, and the title song – his renowned clarinet & wind chimes on top of organic lofi beats. “Mostly Cloudy” closes the EP with jazzy boom-bap vibes the listeners already fell in love with in his previous Stereofox single “Boska”.

Joe Nora’s music has always had a sense of melancholy, calmness, and something outworldly, which can be traced back to his choice of alias:

“The backstory of my name is that before I was born my parents decided they would call me Nora if I was a girl and Joey if I was a boy. Not wanting to know until the day of, they called me Joey Nora up until I was born and they found out I was a boy. It is the kind of balance that I liked about it, the sort of yin and yang of my name and of me.”