“It all starts from playing with keys and jamming in that space and time. With “Kashmere” it was pretty much how it is always for me. Getting out of your comfort zone is really important sometimes, but being in a calm flow state and relying on your usual happy place is really rewarding too.”

Jk Beatbook

Jk Beatbook – Kashmere

Release Date : June 14, 2021
Artist : Jk Beatbook

In a world where getting out of our comfort zone is so overly glorified, we can sometimes very easily get lost in this emotionally tiring mindset. Enter “Kashmere”.

This smooth track by Finnish producer Jk Beatbook praises the importance of casualty and coziness during the artistic flow state. As a counterpoint to the notion that we should be constantly pushing ourselves to the limits, “Kashmere” takes a step back and evaluates the beauty in calmly deep-diving into your happy place with no outside pressures.

Through its gentle keys and 90s-inspired boom-bap drums, the track encircles your ears with soft grooves and a mellow ambiance. The descending melody and bass-line encapsulate the joy in kicking back and tuning yourself in to the sunset and late-night feelings of tranquillity.