“Just like for many of my tracks, on “Endless Voyage” I tried to mix a bit of jazz and r&b textures to give it a smooth vibe with a sense of melancholy – something to slowly nod your head to and groove along with.


Jfbm – Endless Voyage

Release Date : July 13, 2021
Artist : Jfbm

Describing it as a modern twist of Al Green, The Temptations, and the whole ‘70s soul scenе, Jfbm delivers “Endless Voyage” – a slow-groove piece with a sexy touch.

With its bass-driven groove, jazz toppings & warm lo-fi drums, the track embodies the beauty of some elements found in retro ballads, making the track truly stand out in this thriving music scene. Warped synth textures and noir-sounding piano phrases blend seamlessly and leave you with a sense of pleasant nostalgia.

Chillhop as a genre allows Jesse a.k.a. Jfbm to blend a broad range of his musical influences (hip hop, jazz, soul, r&b), which ultimately leads to spreading the love and positivity those genres bring.