“This is the first project we planned out right from the beginning – we wanted to create an immersive, intimate story that flows from each track to the next. Both of us are really starting to find our sound, and I think we really managed to show our artistic maturity with these songs. Listening to them makes me proud and excited about what we will create next.”


“We made this project just for fun and it started from nowhere, we didn’t have rules or a clear objective while working on it. I felt like we finished this ep so fast, but it was so natural at the same time. After that, we really wanted to put some sort of narrative as well as details that I hope people can appreciate. We are just friends making music.”


imagiro x tapei – you were here EP

Release Date : September 7, 2020
Artists : imagiro, Tapei

Chile and the UK are two different and distant countries, but our next story brings them close together. “Story” is the right word as imagiro and tapei’s You Were Here EP is more than just a collection of sounds. It’s a fascinating and extremely personal journey created by two young and talented producers who are both inspired by the small forms of life which often go unnoticed. Their aim is to put those tiny details into music and share it with the world.

The first four tracks of the EP represent different memories, and the last track is the main character thinking about these memories and wondering how and whether they would unfold in the future. The artwork encapsulates a lot of details from the actual songs. The cat from “here, forever”, the kitchen timer from “remember, you were here”, and the four paintings / four pictures on the fridge which represent the four memories.

Working with imagiro has been an absolute pleasure so far and our first joint release “Until I’m Home” just passed the 2M mark on Spotify. This next chapter and bringing tapei in our family feels a natural continuation of what we try to do – share music that touches us with the world.