“A song from the summer of 2022.”

HM Surf x Arbee

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HM Surf & Arbee – Gava

Release Date : March 9, 2023

[ Genres ]
lofi, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
ØDYSSEE, Philanthrope, Flitz&Suppe,

[ Release Info ]
With more than 500M streams across all DSPs and 1.1М monthly listeners on Spotify alone, the Canadian producer Arbee and Oslo chillhop captain HM Surf join forces for the first time bringing “Gava” to life. It started with a few Eurorack modular sequences and sounds. Then, they continued building their magic.

It was around the time HM Surf was visiting the Gava region (Spain) for a vacation which inspired the darker tones, then added joyful sunny melodies, carrying a calm atmospheric vibe filled with groovy bass, a soothing beat, and the sound of summer rain.

The perfect getaway for your lazy nights.

[ Artist Bio ]
Arbee is from Lévis in Québec. He was in an electronic hip hop band early in his career, and now the producer is driving through his solo music with collaborations. He likes to produce his tunes on modular synthesizers and has been mainly involved in ambient scenes for years. Arbee’s working back into his hip hop roots while trying to develop chill and lofi beats and collaborating with other artists of this genre.

HM Surf is a producer from Oslo, Norway, who makes music every single day, trying to have a good time. He is one of the legends of the chillhop scene releasing with labels such as Chillhop Records, Hip Dozer, Lofi Girl, and Retro Jungle. Over time he also collaborated with other prominent acts like ØDYSSEE, Philanthrope, iamalex, Mama Aiuto, G Mills & more.