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“‘Two Night Birds’ is the warmth of light strands on a balcony, just as the breeze hits you at the sweetest spot at 2 am in the morning. It’s a series of songs inspired by the laughter under kitchen lights with your loved ones. It is the fresh smell of the morning, serenity of late nights, precious moments and the regret of staying up leaving its space to insomnia; which then turns into a weird state of melancholy. These are what I felt during the creation of the album. If you’re a night owl like me, this is for you.”



Release Schedule: Nov 16th - "Midnight Coffee"
Nov 30th - Two Night Birds EP
Genres: Lofi

Embracing the essence of twilight musings, Hevi’s upcoming Two Night Birds EP, weaves a narrative of bittersweet moments, from the comforting aroma of morning coffee to the lingering embrace of late-night solitude. With organic textures and dreamy soundscapes, each track is a heartfelt ode to the delicate balance between the solace of home and the longing for distant horizons.

The first single “Morning Coffee” invites you into a world of serenity. The song echoes the tranquility of the early hours, with ethereal melodies and gentle rhythms that provide solace during late-night drives or quiet reflections.

The focus track “Family” perfectly encapsulates the project’s sentiment, blending organic textures and dreamy soundscapes with soothing vocal samples and enchanting keys. Its melody embraces the weariness of sleepless nights while finding solace in the embrace of home, a comforting tribute to the concept of family, regardless of physical distance.



Hevi is a talented Turkish musician and producer in his twenties, who has found sanctuary within the confines of his room. Since 2018, he has been melding the essence of lo-fi hip hop with various other genres, infusing his music with a nostalgic, nocturnal quality drawn from the enigmatic "blue hour." Hevi's sonic landscapes engage listeners with chill downtempo elements, enveloping them in a unique world of ambiance and comfort. His albums are meticulously conceptualized works of art, influenced by the imagery and sounds that surround his life

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