“Since we both come from different genres, collaborating has been an incredibly inspiring process. I believe we both thoroughly enjoy working together because each of us excels in different aspects of production, which fosters a natural flow of ideas. Colors melds strong synth and atmospheric elements with organic precision and aural delights, embodying the intersection of progressive and organic house. Despite our physical distance, our deep appreciation for each other’s music significantly enhances our work, a quality that’s particularly audible in this record”



Release Schedule: Mar 28th - "Colors"
Genres: Electronic

Helius and Alpas offer listeners an ethereal experience that’s brimming with emotion for their newest release “Colors”.

Over the past year, Helius has proved to be a rising star in the melodic house space through a string of stellar releases. He has landed on esteemed labels such as Lane 8’s This Never Happened, and he has received support from monoliths Above & Beyond on their highly praised Group Therapy mix. Alpas, his collaborator, forms one half of Gobi Desert Collective – a group that’s iconic in the realm of organica and downtempo.
Their union fosters a natural flow of ideas thanks to their vastly different background. And together, they’ve blended the best from their respective worlds for their latest release “Colors”. This brand of melodic house they’ve acquainted us with feels cinematic and ushers you into a calm headspace. The pianos are heartwarming and bright while the thick atmospheres bring the track to life.

This not only serves as Helius’ return to Stereofox, but it is also one of the most emotive releases to come from the young German producer.



Helius is a Germany-based melodic house and techno producer. For a large part of his life, he has been making music although it was only a few years ago when he made the decision to become a music producer. When you dive into his catalog, everything you hear represents a part of him.

  • Releases on Lane 8's label This Never Happened
  • Supported by Above & Beyond on Group Therapy 527
  • Featured on prominent Spotify editorials such as Lowkey Tech, Melodic Rhythm Focus, and Beats to think to
  • Supported on +15k independent playlists


Alpas is the side project of the renowned duo Gobi Desert Collective, who traverse the realms of melodic techno, downtempo, and organic house with their music.

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