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“Sometimes a person enters your life and completely flips everything upside down. From night to day or like with vinyl from A to B. Even if it doesn’t last we have to cherish these events and this song is an anthem for that. I intentionally put the lead melody off beat to symbolize the deviations our paths might take but in the end we will get resolution.”



Release Schedule: Feb 10th, 2023
Genres: Electronic

The latest single from Helius “The B Side” is more than a dreamy progressive house gem. It comes as a dedication to the loved ones that have completely changed our lives for the better.

Even though his music is generally unaccompanied by words, German electronic producer Helius expresses a range of emotions with his captivating style of Melodic House. Only a few years ago he decided to jump head-first into becoming a music producer. In a short amount of time, he’s amassed a loyal following and has created the kind of music with a nostalgic glimmer. Feelings such as sorrow and hope seamlessly merge to make up his next release “The B Side” – a 5-minute journey honoring the people who have immensely influenced our journey of personal development. The luminous lead melody and the gripping progression steers us down memory lane and into a pleasant daydream.

“The B Side” is Helius’ debut release with Stereofox, and he has taken his sweet time to ensure this feels like an absolute journey for the listener.



Helius is a Germany-based melodic house and techno producer. For a large part of his life, he has been making music although it was only a few years ago when he made the decision to become a music producer. When you dive into his catalog, everything you hear represents a part of him.

  • Releases on Lane 8's label This Never Happened
  • Supported by Above & Beyond on Group Therapy 527
  • Featured on prominent Spotify editorials such as Lowkey Tech, Melodic Rhythm Focus, and Beats to think to
  • Supported on +15k independent playlists

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