“The vibe I wanted on this track had to incorporate all things you would associate with a Handbook beat. It had to have big, punchy drums; it had to have the warm bass; it had to have the dusty samples, but mostly it had to ooze positivity and nostalgic feels. Here it is!”


Handbook – All Kinds of You

Release Date : August 14, 2019
Artist : Handbook

Inspired by the sound of acts like J Dilla and Flying Lotus, Handbook started his music journey after stumbling upon a MPC 1000 through a friend. The rest is history.

From classically-inspired organic sounds, through raw hip-hop and futuristic beats all the way to mellow and somber vocal tracks – Jake has already shown an impressive creative approach when it comes to creating music. “All Kinds Of You” marks his second release via Stereofox Records and is nothing, but a stellar and emotional journey into the world of instrumental hip hop music.