“This ‘Pure Delight’ track was the continuity of my work with the great Lunath where we try to make original lofi tracks with an organic feel adding soft texture, ambiances, and percussive layers to tell a little story. Fayelo also brings originality to the drums. The process would be about making something that we are all happy with until we call it a day. I would make chord progressions and a basic structure then Lunath would take care of the guitars and Fayelo the percussions. We work as a team and at the end, I take care of the mixing until we’re happy.”



Release Schedule: Aug 24th, 2022
Genres: Lofi

A blissful & organic lofi piece about the discovery of a special place.

Find yourself in a secluded lake with a view of an ancient temple where only the bird flight breaks the peaceful environment. With warm keys and slick guitars over a gentle drum groove, “Pure Delight” is absolutely true to its title.

The track also features Fayelo – a female producer living in Quebec, Canada. She used to live in Portugal in her childhood where she got familiar with rhythms and percussions. She’s always on the look for finding nice organic elements that can be incorporated into producing.



Ghostnaut is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist & producer. Beginning as a pianist with jazz education, he also learned drums along the way, and you will recognize his style with his mellow keys adding a neo-soul flavor to his productions. His style can be defined as instrumental or modern conscious music with a blend of soul, funk, and jazz. Aside from his solo career, he spent time in New-Zealand working with the band Raw Collective as a keyboard player.

  • 50M+ combined stream count across DSPs
  • 30+ editorial playlist adds on Spotify, including lofi beats, Jazz Vibes, AlternaRap, Chill Out Music & homework vibes
  • Keyboardist of NZ hip hop band Raw Collective


  • Support on a number of Spotify editorials including Chill Out Music, lofi beats and lofi summer haze

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