“I made this song only a few weeks after we got our daughter was born. It was a period with little to no sleep, and I was feeling tired all the time. Weeks went by without getting the creative outlet that I’m used to having. I had to prioritize resting whenever I had the chance. Right before making this song, I had the dilemma of either getting some rest or to get creative and make music. Ironically I decided to work on this song, and it ended up being about rest.

It’s so important to listen to your body, and take the time to recharge. At the same time, we can’t forget about our other needs. It sure can be a difficult thing at times. I hope others can relax and feel a sense of rest through this song.


fnonose – Rest

Release Date : February 3, 2022

[ Key achievements ]
» featured by more than 10k independent playlist curators on Spotify and New Music Friday Norway
» featured on Apple Music’s Bedtime Beats
» founder and curator of lofi collective Lofi Resort

[ Info ]

While his roots lie within playing live music in bands and in a church, Martin Kraggerud’s work as fnonose can definitely be described as a gateway to calmness. Driven by his musical upbringing of playing guitar, you can expect a lot of delay-inspired compositions and a venture into the ambient side of lo-fi hip hop. With just a bit over a year in the beat scene, the Norwegian producer has landed on a number of prominent curators and Apple Music’s Bedtime Beats editorial playlist.

“Rest” is a follow-up to his beautiful Stereofox Records release “Empty Space” from last year which surpassed 1.5M streams across streaming platforms and got chosen for Apple Music’ Bedtime Beats selection.