“Empty Space is about being present. It’s easy to get used to pull out your phone all the time, or to get distracted by every little thing around you. But these moments are one of the things in life that can be really beautiful, if we just decide to take it in and be here and now. It is precisely when nothing is really happening, that we can learn to enjoy life and value the moment.”


fnonose – Empty Space

Release Date : August 10, 2021

While his roots lie within playing live music in bands and in a church, Martin Kraggerud’s work as fnonose can definitely be described as a gateway to calmness. Driven by his musical upbringing of playing guitar, you can expect a lot of delay-inspired compositions and a venture into the ambient side of lo-fi hip hop. With just a bit over a year in the beat scene, the Norwegian producer has landed on a number of prominent curators and Apple Music’s Bedtime Beats editorial playlist.

Balancing between life, having a family, and creating music, his first Stereofox Records release “Empty Space” is his way to stay present and focus on what matters.