Nearly all of my music is “Currently Done”. A state where I have to let it go, otherwise I would lock it in a cage of perfectionism. Most of the time I worked with arrangements progressing into a climax, to give contrast to the overall slow and chilled-out timbre/sonics. Did it all in a short period of time, not rushed but in a hurry – at least that’s what I felt.


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[ Key Achievements ]

  • 10+ years of experience in music
  • 180M+ streams / 500K monthly listeners / 23K followers on Spotify
  • 100+ editorials on Spotify – including lofi beats, Jazz Vibes & lush lofi
  • featured on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals, Creative Focus, LoFi Jazz & more
  • supported by 800K independent playlists – Chillhop Music, steezyasfuck, Jazz Hop Cafe, Fantastic Music, among others
  • previous releases with Chillhop Records (incl. Chillhop Essentials), HHV, PLYGRND, etc.
  • collaborations with B-Side, Tesk, Leavv, Kupla, Psalm Trees, Mr. Käfer & more

Flitz&Suppe – Currently Done EP

Release Date : February 23, 2023

[ Schedule ]
Jan 12th – The Day We Changed w/ Oh, My.
Jan 26th – Gespenst
Feb 9th – 9.30AM w/ Tesk
Feb 23rd – Currently Done EP

[ Genres ]
lofi hip hop, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
Philanthrope, Monma, Leavv, Juan Rios, Ruck P, j’san

[ Artist Bio ]
Flitz&Suppe is a chillhop/lofi producer from Cologne, Germany. He started crafting chill & soothing beats in his bedroom in 2010 – the dawn of the genre. He’s ever since released with labels like Chillhop Music, HHV, Dezi-belle, Dust Collectors, etc. and has collaborated with other instrumental hip hop legends like Leavv, Psalm Trees, Tesk, B-Side & many more – as well as LA rapper JUICEB☮X for their joint album Peaquilibrium which is still going strong on Spotify’s Jazz Rap editorial.

[ Release Info ]
Amassing 300M+ streams across DSPs and having released with Chillhop Music alongside other instrumental hip hop legends like Philanthrope, Monma, Ruck P & more, the German chillhop meister Flitz&Suppe delivers his debut Stereofox release – Currently Done EP.

A melancholic & introspective collection of 6 tracks, the project carries Flitz’s soothing sound – dusty production & mellow jazzy harmonies. All done in a timely manner, without overthinking but not rushing it either.

Currently Done EP also features fellow German producer Tesk & keyboardist Niklas Nadidai, and Swedish beatmaker Oh,My.