“Back Home is a collaboration between Dutch producer and drummer lightheart and I that began with a simple chord progression. As lightheart is a percussionist she often adds drums on the progressions that I write which adds a certain neo-soul, r&b flair to the sound that I could not achieve alone. For Back Home, lightheart mixed the drums in and added a lot of subtle production elements and then sent the mix back to me. I added a some laid back alto saxophone to the track and then Back Home was finished!



Release Schedule: Jun 12th - "Back Home"
Genres: Beats, Lofi

London-based faff makes her debut on Stereofox with the calming, jazz-influenced gem “Back Home”.

faff’s journey in the beat scene began in 2021, and in a matter of a few years, she accumulated millions of streams across DSPs. Her jazz-adorned style of chillhop has also led to numerous inclusions on a variety of editorial playlists, thus cementing her as a celebrated figure in the jazzhop space. Her collaborator on “Back Home” lightheart (aka DESH) also occupies a similar position in the scene. Endorsed by Ziljan and TAMA drums, lightheart possesses a unique drumming style that breathes life into her work, and the work of fellow producers. 

faff’s dreamy embellishments and lightheart’s rhythm magic on “Back Home” is a journey that leads to a relaxing headspace. It’s musically opulent and offers a comforting allure with its dreamy keys and soulful sax solo. This is the 5th time the pair have released a track together, and it serves as an exhibition of their organic synergy.



faff is a London-based producer originally from Texas. As a musician and songwriter, faff wanted to refine her production skills so she began her journey into beat-making with friends who had been producing for some time.

  • Received editorial placements on Spotify playlists such as "Smooth Jazz Beats" and "Lofi +Chill"


lightheart is the side project of drummer, beatmaker, and producer based in Rotterdam DESH. Endorsed by Ziljan and TAMA drums, she has shared stages with artists like Bnnyhunna, Tom Browne, and Joya Mooi.

  • Endorsed by Zildjian Company and Tama Drums
  • Drummer for Joya Mooi
  • Featured on Apple Music’s The Lounge and Lo-Fi Jazz
  • Featured on numerous Spotify editorial playlists – Jazz Vibes, Smooth Jazz Beats, lush lofi, and lofi beats
  • Added to 20k+ independent playlists

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