“The birth of the album started a few years ago, when I started focusing on the concept of treating the bass guitar as a harmonic instrument, playing with chords and different tunings, really diving deep into the different ways of harmonizing and reharmonizing melodies.

A lot of ideas were created, but most of the songs from the album were born during the pandemic, when I had a lot of time to analyze my voice on the instrument and as a composer, taking the time to find a subject matter, that resonated with my musical vision, which led to the name of the album itself TENSION/RELEASE. This concept is not new to the world of music, but it has been the engine that drives my creativity, when it comes to musical context.”



[ Key Achievements ]

  • featured on CLASH Magazine
  • EVDN. played on BBC Radio 1, KCRW Radio, & Rinse.FM
  • “WARRIOR” featured on Spotify’s All New Jazz and Fresh Finds: Jazz editorial playlists
  • featured on Apple Music’s BEATstrumentals
  • 500k+ streams across DSPs
  • featured on 1.2k+ independent playlists
  • 500 Shazams worldwide
  • feature on chillmusic.co
  • debut single “ANCESTORS” – #4 on hypem Popular Chart, “WARRIOR” #2
  • his music (with DAYO) got used by Will Smith on his official YT channel
  • studied bass at Musical Academy in Sofia and the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna
  • performed live on Bulgarian National TV with some of the most prominent artists in the scene

[ Credits ]

  • Photography – Boryana Simeonova
  • Art / Creative Design – Robert Kreuzinger
  • Mix – TromBobby
  • Mastering – Hristo Rachev
  • “ANCESTORS” – Preyah (vocals), Rado Kazasov (drums), TromBobby
  • “WARRIOR” – Rado Kazasov (drums), Vladi Michev (trombone)
  • “WINTER SUN” – VLADKO (trumpet), Miroslav Ivanov (guitar), Dimitar Liolev (saxophone), Rado Kazasov (drums)
  • “FLIGHT” – Tien Nguen / SAÍGO (vocals), Rado Kazasov (drums)
  • “REVOLVER” – Rado Kazasov (drums), TromBobby (trombone), Arnau Garrofé Farras (saxophone)
  • “NO TIME” – Vassil Voutev – Soulization (drums)
  • “DON’T LOOK BACK” – Volen Milchev (vocals)
  • “PACIFIC” – Denis Popstoev (saxophone), Vassil Voutev – Soulization (drums)
  • “NEVER BEFORE” – Rado Kazasov (drums), TromBobby (trombone), Dimitar Blagoev (guitar)


Release Date : November 15, 2022
Artist : EVDN.

[ Schedule ]
May 17th – “ANCESTORS”
June 9th – “WARRIOR”
July 21st – “FLIGHT”
Sep 23rd – “DON’T LOOK BACK”

[ Genres ]
Electronica, Jazz Fusion, Psychedelic, Downtempo

[ Similar Artists ]
Thundercat, Flying Lotus, Bonobo, Damon Albarn & Robert Glasper

[ Artist Bio ]
EVDN. is a jazz bassist and experimental electronic musician from Bulgaria.
 He picked his first bass guitar at the age of 16 and that’s when the concept of EVDN. was actually born. Just like the music he’s creating, his journey feels cosmic, and both guiding and non-directional at the same time.

The emergence of EVDN. (real name Evden Dimitrov) is the product of countless hours playing with and for other people. Leaving bits and pieces of his creativity and inspirations behind in those recordings had been the necessary step before his output had become strong and conceptual enough to materialise into his own sound.

During his time at the Musical Academy in Sofia and Vienna EVDN. met some of his closest people both on stage and in real life. Artists like Preyah, TromBobby, Peyotoff and Rado Kazasov who together with Evden are at the forefront of the growth in the local music scene. Characterised by his irrepressible energy and the genuine devotion to music’s greater good has, Evden had quickly become a recognizable name and all of that led him to sharing stage with a substantial list of Bulgaria’s most notable acts including Lubo Kirov, Maria Ilieva and Kan Wakan.

Driven by his dream to compose music for movies and inspired by a set of artists ranging from Duke Ellington and Hans Zimmer to Bonobo, Thundercat, Trent Reznot and Junkie XL, the foundation of EVDN. is perfectly timed and represents the birth of a truly unique sonic experience.

His debut full-length album, TENSION/RELEASE is scheduled for the Fall of 2022 with Stereofox and will offer listeners a transcending and spiritual blend of psychedelic, electronic and jazz music.

[ Release Info ]

EVDN. releases his debut LP TENSION/RELEASE on Nov 15th. The 10-tracks record is created and driven by artist’s desire to create the ultimate deep and soulful experiences for the listener. To provide an extreme transcending into a different dimension and make people believe everything is possible.

Beautifully evocative, this genre-bending body of work is artist’s brave first step towards exploring uncharted territories.

The first singles, released in the summer of 2022, not only topped the charts of hypemachine and scored more than 150k streams, but landed editorial support on Spotify’s All New Jazz and Fresh Finds: Jazz editorial selections.

EVDN., explains “I love hearing somebody elevate a musical style by combining simple themes to create tension, which is resolved in the end in a unique and original way. From Duke Ellington to Brian Eno my musical inspirations have no boundaries, as if I’m not admiring a specific piece of music/song for its genre or style, but by its approach and attitude towards the listener.”

While his debut single “ANCESTORS” is lyric-less, the song features a performance of one of the most prominent contemporary voices on the Bulgarian soul & pop scene – Preyah. She and EVDN. channeled her captivating vocals as an instrument in the mix, which allows listener to truly expand and let their imagination float.

“The song sends a message of hope, that no matter how hard it gets, we should stay focused and inspired to drive for a better tomorrow, where we’ll be the next ancestors.“ he further elaborates.

The track is a homage he pays to his roots and everyone who has inspired him so far. Evden goes back in time for generations, so the track feels like a trip to self-discovery. A theme that’s initiated in opener “ARRIVAL” which features a recording of his grandmother talking about her marriage.

TENSION/RELEASE features a galaxy of talented musicians including fellow Stereofox label mate TromBobby, LA-singer Tien Nguen / SAÍGO and renowned Bulgarian drummer Rado Kazasov whose monstrous skills can be heard on a number of tracks on the record.