“Ghost” is a diss track in every sense of the word. It’s both specific and universal – about the toxic, demeaning, and dismissive boys who’d rather ghost than be truthful. As Nawal cathartically, and exasperatedly sings on the track: “You’re 25, man…”.

Ethan Mark

This track is more than just a melody to me; it delves into the haunting theme of ghosting, alongside the chilling realization that someone you once knew now feels like a stranger, a ghost of their former self. The song’s intricate blend of Arabic and English doesn’t just cross language barriers; it encapsulates the essence of conversations I cherish with my friends.



Release Schedule: May 22, 2024
Genres: R&B / Soul

Canadian producer & multi-instrumentalist Ethan Mark returns to Stereofox for another beautiful single.

As opposed to “Sysiphus” which was rather upbeat & also had him singing, in his new release he is joined by the wonderful Jordanian songstress Nawal – whom you might recognize from Apple Watch 8 Series campaign in the MENA region. The two met when Nawal lived in Toronto & “Ghost” is the result of their creative chemistry.

Staying true to his unorthodox production & surprising elements in each release, here Ethan Mark blends bossa nova, funk, and soul influences that are bound to keep you engaged until the end. The song explores the topic of ghosting in an empowering way – this is why “the sour tones are contrasted with the soulful sounds of electric bossa nova guitar chords, a walking bassline, and a sultry saxophone,” as Ethan explains.

Nawal also sings in both English & Arabic, paying tribute to her heritage, so the song’s lyrical and musical composition “brilliantly reflects this duality, making it an exquisite reflection of my personal experiences,” as she elaborates.


Ethan Mark

Ethan Mark is a Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist known for his innovative blend of neo-soul, jazz, funk, and r&b. His music showcases vibrant chord progressions, punchy drums, sample chops, and infectious grooves. Ethan’s musical journey began humbly, armed with an old laptop, music software, and an unwavering passion for sound and genre exploration. Through dedication and countless hours honing his craft, he has emerged as one of Toronto’s up-and-coming acts.

  • Featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds R&B and BAMBII’s Track IDs
  • Produced Haviah Mighty's "Snowfall" (part of Crying Crystals, nominated for Juno Award for Best Rap Album 2023)
  • Supported by curators like ThisSongIsSick, That Good Sh*t Music, Somewhere Soul, DMY, Green Tea Studios LA, Unity Records, Bristol Funk
  • 200k+ streams across DSPs
  • Collaborations with artists like Chara Kai-Le & Slowe


Nawal is a Jordanian singer. She's been recognized for her delicate vocals & subtle blend of r&b, soul & pop from fans across the globe. Nawal started releasing her own music in 2020. Along the way, she's experienced memorable moments, such as opening for Isaam Al Najjar in Toronto and participating in the Apple Watch Series 8 campaign in the MENA region in 2022.

  • The face of Apple Watch Series 8 Marketing Campaign (MENA region)
  • Supported on Spotify's Fresh Finds Arabia, New Music Friday Gulf & more
  • 500k+ streams on Apple
  • Featured on Scene Noise

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