Seasons was created as a transitional piece from winter to spring. Some cosy vibes ideal for any situation.

Devon Rea

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Devon Rea

[ Key Achievements ]

  • 45M+ streams on all DSPs combined
  • editorial placements on Spotify’s Jazz Vibes, Lo-Fi House, lo-fi beats, Quiet Hours, Chill Instrumental Beats, Midnight Bumps, & Chill Lofi Study Beats
  • editorial placements on Apple Music’s Beatstrumentals, Pure Focus and Study Beats
  • previous collaborators include Mondo Loops, Epifania, steezy prime, Dimension 32, Goson and many more
  • featured on 78k+ independent playlists
  • previous releases on Hip Dozer, Lofi Girl, Chill Beats, Chill Select, Inner Ocean, Sleep Tales and more

Devon Rea – Seasons EP

Release Date : May 12, 2022

[ Schedule ]
April 25th – Devon Rea & steezy prime – “Any Day Now”
May 12th – Seasons EP

[ Genres ]
lofi, instrumental hip hop

[ Similar Artists ]
Living Room, Epifania, Claptu

In the last few years Devon Rea has grown to be a renowned name in the lofi scene. The Texas-born, Colorado-based multi-genre producer has been releasing music since 2017, and has so far accumulated more than 40M streams.
Part of three collaborative projects (Dreama, Foster Family and Beyond Pluto), besides his solo career, the US artist has been teaming up with a number of talented producers and artists in the lofi realm such as Mondo Loops, Epifania, Dimension 32, Goson and many more. His delicately crafted sound has won him a spot in the hearts of millions of listeners, while also securing him placements in multiple editorial playlists.

Now the lofi magician has decided to enchant his audience with a new project dedicated to the magnificent transition from Winter to Spring, proving once again his ability to create refined compositions, infused with peacefulness.

Seasons celebrates the cycles of life and the way time transforms everything. Carrying a deep sense of wisdom encapsulated in five elegant tunes, this EP is Devon’s way to welcome the listeners into a brand new cycle, which they can enter with a feeling of gratitude and hope. Devon’s third release with Stereofox creates the perfect environment for a relaxing time-out, throughout which any listener would have the opportunity to sink in the stillness of the moment and experience time in a completely different way.

The title track “Seasons” is the most cheerful piece on the EP, representing the amazing dynamics in nature, especially the liveliness of Spring. The release also includes features with two other renowned names tezpu (steezy prime), on the beautiful “Any Day Now”, and just steezy things, on the refreshing “Black Bear”. From the nobel lofi dustiness of the piano in “Afternoon Adventures” to the time-stretching brass embellishments on “Springtime”, the EP features all key ingredients for a complete ear-pleasing experience.