“This EP is a small collection of songs that I have been compiling. I wanted to really try to channel and express a lot of the influences I have gathered over the years through my music.

The whole sound of Get Around is driven not only by musicians who I respect, but also by cultural & social changes around me. I guess that variety was what helped me create this collection of songs.

Devon Rea

Devon Rea – Get Around EP

Release Date : September 24, 2020
Artist : Devon Rea

Devon’s natural approach to constructing beats is definitely one of a kind. Inspired by the sound of downtempo and chillout, he brings a whole new angle to the beat-making process, which was the reason why we fell in love with his music here on Stereofox.

Get Around is a mindful collection and a great way to space out if you’re looking for a zen escape.

Besides producing music, the artist is part of the US-based Funcc. independent label that focuses on releasing lofi and chillhop music. That’s not actually all of us. A member of producer trio Floryshe’ and 1/2 of defunct duo eskers. Yep, Devon is pretty active, to say the least!