In light of the warmth of summertime, I wrote “Sweeter Than Candy” in hopes of spurring relaxation and nostalgia during the late hours of your day. Wind down to a composition intricately placed to sound vaguely familiar, even if it’s your first listen. I hope you enjoy it.

Chris Gerber

Chris Gerber – Sweeter Than Candy

Release Date : June 28, 2021
Artist : Chris Gerber

This one goes to the warm days of summertime, sweeter than anything you could imagine.

With velvet soft piano, comforting violins, and chilled beats, all wrapped with soothing natural sounds, the up-and-coming South African, but US-based producer Chris Gerber delivers “Sweeter Than Candy”. A track, propelling the sweet feeling of serenity and comfort, appropriately living up to its title.

As a delicate lo-fi lullaby, written with the late hours of the long summer days in mind, the track is certain to evoke your inner calmness. With its mellow grooves and gentle jazzy harmony “Sweeter Than Candy” will meld right into your evening by becoming the perfect soundtrack for your happy place.