“I met Mike in the winter of 2019 when he came to hang out with myself and some other music friends in the UK, we got along really well straight away. Over the years I’ve wanted to work with him as I’ve always admired his ability to make such organic and beautiful songs, at the end of 2021 we finally decided to do it! This song is a soft anthem for the more peaceful moments in our lives. I’m very happy with how it turned out!”


“Picturesque started out as a little acoustic guitar/sound design experiment that I sent to Charlie, who I’ve been wanting to make music with ever since we met in Bristol 2 years ago. His skill as a producer is always something I’ve looked up to, and he completely elevated the track. After that all it took was a little back and forth to add some flavour and finishing touches before sending it off to the Sterefox folks!”


Charlie & Foxwood – Picturesque

Release Date : March 8, 2022
Artist : Charlie

[ Info ]

“Picturesque” is what daydreaming sounds like. Light, spacious and designed to let your imagination float.

It’s always great to see artists immediately being drawn to each other. Driven by their love for spacious sounds for the quiet hours of the day and the mutual respect for each other’s art, the 2 producers have managed to translate all of this into a natural and soothing composition that’s simply put breath-taking.

Charlie is a French producer, songwriter, and engineer based in Paris. At just 22, he already has a catalogue of releases under the monikers Charlie and Duumu which have racked up over 40 million streams across platforms since 2017, as well as an ongoing portfolio of writing and production works for artists such as MYRNE, ÊMIA, Ffion, NYK, Lil Ghost小鬼, and more.

Foxwood is the project of UK-based musician/producer Michael Nelson-Martin. Inspired by the natural world, fantasy novels, and a handful of personal experiences, he crafts nostalgic soundscapes and melodies, drawing on his love of folk, modern classical, lofi and ambient music.

[ Key Achievements ]
» More than 30M combined streams across DSPs
» Featured on Spotify’s Lounge – Soft House, Afternoon Catnap, Just Chill & Fresh Finds Indie (Charlie)
» previous releases with Chillhop Music and Inner Ocean