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The context for the creation of the EP stems from the desire to retrospectively analyse and understand my inner and outer struggle, as a human, from my individual perspective. “Apeiron” is an abstract, void, something that cannot be described according to the Ancient Greek pessimistic belief for death (Nothingness). I strive to reconcile this idea of “the indescribable” with the apparent ever persistent laws of “change”.



Release Schedule: March 12th - PINK DELOREAN
April 9th - UNDER/GONE
April 30th - APEIRON EP
Genres: R&B / Soul

Stereofox Records welcomes one of Bulgaria’s most prominent & outstanding vocal talents, C-MO, for his debut solo EP.

APEIRON (meaning “void”) explores the deeper & darker side of r&b, C-MO’s creative freedom, introspective storytelling, as well as existential topics like the concept of “nothingness”.

The singer elaborates, “Most of the recording sessions were done in a home setting, reflecting the confidential and confessional nature of the music. It’s more or less a challenge to myself, as a performer and first time producer, to create with reckless abandon, set individual authentic goals and invest in them.”

The opening song “PINK DELOREAN” perfectly sets the tone of the project with its spacey synths, lush vocals, and trappy drums. After that come the upbeat/punchy “HELLO” – the focus track of the EP, featuring Bulgarian pop/soul icon Preyah with her honey vocals, followed by the more light-hearted 2nd single “UNDER/GONE” paying tribute to summer & its carefree times.

APEIRON finishes with the hip-hop/soul gem “BROKEN VINYL” and the romantic ballad “SPEND ME” – all offering an exquisite & varied listening experience, aiming to keep you engaged & surprised throughout the 5 tunes.

C-MO adds, “Creating this EP, I think I achieved what I set out to do – learn more and get acquainted with all of the phases in the creation of a piece of music. On the way I found peace in the total authority and creative freedom an artist possesses in the moment of writing and creating music, be that in a seclusive or collaborative environment.”

APEIRON EP also features London singer Lili (supported on Ones To Watch), guitarist Peyotoff (worked with emawk), multi-instrumentalist TromBobby (Frank Nitt, Brianna Castro, Jermaine Holmes), Bulgarian drummer RADO & producer Denis Popstoev.



Simeon Zhelyazkov, or C-MO, is an Amsterdam-trained, Sofia-based singer. A frequent collaborator of multi-instrumentalist/producer TromBobby & part of the bands Funky Miracle (opened for James Arthur in 2014) and TromBobby, C-MO & Edinstvenite Im Priyateli, he also recently released with the legendary Japanese guitarist Kazuki Isogai. C-MO's vocal capabilities are outstanding, with an impressive vocal range reaching very high pitches - something that's won the hearts of thousands of people on concerts, radio & TV.

  • Opened for James Arthur (with his band Funky Miracle) in 2014
  • Performed at Nord See Festival, So What’s Next Festival, Klapeida Castle Jazz Fest, A to Jazz , Sofar Sounds Sofia & more
  • Studied in Conservatorium van Amsterdam
  • Released with Japanese guitarist Kazuki Isogai (edbl, Kaela Kimura) and part of TromBobby's EPs together with Frank Nitt, Brianna Castro, Jermaine Holmes & more
  • A finalist at The Voice of Bulgaria
  • Airplay on Bulgarian National Radio/TV, Radio Nova (PT), beach.fm (JP), Urban Movement (AU), Soultracks (US), Radio Krimi (FR)
  • Featured on EARMILK, Flex Music Blog, Ital Massive & more
  • Added to 20k+ listener playlists & highly engaged audience

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