There is a phrase I often say to people which is “nothing really matters”. Around the time I was in hospital, I remember reading it and found myself pondering it for a long time. For me, it coincides with Elation, which is the feeling I got when I truly understood that phrase. It’s an easy thing to say or understand, but to actually feel it there is a sense of breaking through mentally that takes time to develop. “Elation” (the song) is me capturing that moment in my life, allowing me to put myself in a state of mind that can calm me down when things aren’t going well and to bring me immense joy. it grounds you in the moment and gives you an opportunity to notice the little subtleties of life that you often ignore or don’t notice. This ties in with both the tune and the artwork which are intricately layered and pieced together, encouraging further dissection. “Elation” is a snapshot of my mental state but also an invitation to listen and look closer.

My hospital admission to Onyx was a low point in my life, but I found my Ikigai in making music which brings me the feeling of Elation to push forward.”



Release Schedule: Apr 6th, 2021
Genres: Electronic

For the past couple of months, the name Bon-Psy has been reverberating far and wide across the underground electronic scene thanks to his innovative take on modern-day electronica. His latest single “Elation” not only continues his long run of successful releases but also serves as a snapshot of his mental state during a crucial moment in his life.

In 2019, Bon-Psy (aka Gianluca Cardinale) was admitted to Onyx Hospital for attempted suicide. Even though it was an extremely low point in Gianluca’s life, he left the hospice with newfound purpose and joy which eventually reflected in his craft. He went on to release a string of stellar singles that caught the attention of notable labels and curators such as The Sound You Need. This new release captures a sense of euphoria and passion that is often lost in today’s electronic music landscape, reminding producers and listeners alike what is capable with only a laptop and a stark fascination with sound. On “Elation”, genres such as jazz and IDM are intrinsically woven into Bon-Psy’s experimental brand of electronica to create an immersive journey that marginally teeters between cozy and dance-friendly.

Listeners are teased visually, too as the lively artwork seamlessly feeds into the joyful sentiment. “Elation” is his first release via Stereofox Records.



Gianluca Cardinale is London-based, Italian producer who dwells in the future electronic beats space and aims to bridge the gap between melodic and experimental music.

  • Support by Sian Eleri & JAGUAR (BBC Radio 1), Huey Morgan & Tom Robinson (BBC Radio 6)
  • Featured on Bandcamp's Weekly Show & Earmilk
  • Featured on Spotify's Orbit editorial

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