Changing the perspective towards nationality, love, freedom of thought and taste is among the most important themes for us in recent years.

“Himawari”  is a song meant for all music lovers around the world. As a composition by two artists from three different racial backgrounds – India, The Netherlands and Japan – we hope that it will inspire a more positive attitude towards diversity.

Komachi & Basmati

Natasha Ghosh / Basmati


Komachi artist pic


[ Key Achievements ]

  • 3.5M+ streams on all DSPs (Natasha Ghosh + Komachi)
  • editorial placements on Apple’s Bedtime beats, Spotify’s Lazy Chill Afternoon (Natasha Ghosh) and Apple’s BEATstrumentals (Komachi)
  • Past collaborators include Paniyolo, SAITO (Komachi), as well as Inf, SYNC.EXE, CaliCronk, Colours in Context, Goson and Lofty, Hoffy Beats, Flitz&Suppe, Devon Rea ( Natasha Ghosh)
  • Previous releases on labels like Hip Dozer, Chill Select, Lofigirl (Natasha Ghosh); Lopills and Inner Ocean Records ( Komachi)

Komachi & Basmati – Himawari

Release Date : April 13, 2022

[ Genres ]
lofi hip hop, instrumental hip hop

[ Mood ]
Calming, uplifting

[ Similar Artists ]
Hoffy Beats, sleepy fish

[ Artist Bios ]

Basmati – the new moniker of singer, songwriter, producer and instrumentalist Natasha Ghosh, is meant to pay homage to her Indian roots while continuing her exploration in the realms of instrumental music. The 24-year old Dutch-Indian artist started releasing lofi in 2021. Incorporating lived-played instrumentation in her music, besides producing and singing, Natasha aims to discover to what extent fingerstyle guitar and ukulele could be complemented by subtle vocals to achieve a perfectly-balanced and rich sound. Having made a name in the lofi scene as Natasha Ghosh and having surmounted 3.5M streams on all DSPs, the multi-talented artist plans to expand her reach through her new alias Basmati, while continuing to develop her sound and gaining more recognition and appreciation for her unique approach.

Komachi entered the lofi scene in 2021, after 16 years of releasing electronic music under another one. As Komachi he’s been consistently claiming his spot in the scene with a number of carefully-crafted compositions, which carry tranquility and immerse the listener in a dreamy, peaceful lofi heaven. Often guitar-driven, his tracks combine slick production and live instrumentation to offer a real feast for the ears. Just for half a year, since the start of his lofi releases, his tasteful compositions gathered half a million streams on Apple, with his very first release getting into Apple’s BEATstrumentals and that’s most certainly only the beginning for the quickly rising lofi talent.

[ Release Info ]

With their new track “Himawari” (“sunflower” in Japanese) Natasha and Komachi aim to employ the peaceful character of lofi music in order to convey a deeply positive message of unity. The artists with Dutch-Indian and Japanese roots chose the sunflower (Himawari) as a symbol of hope and a messenger of peace. Pointing oneself into the direction of light is a choice one can make, same goes for the decision to appreciate cultural/ethical differences – it’s all related to thinking and acting from a place of love, instead a place of hatred.

The track combines influences from the lofi and electronic aesthetics, offering an incredibly peaceful sonic scape. Demonstrating the producers’ ability to achieve balance between their music worlds, it is a delicate but impactful collision of touching ukulele motives, elevating pads and soft yet driving percussion.

Blissful and uplifting “Himawari” is the Spring-welcoming tune, which will instil a feeling of contentment and optimism within any listener.