“To describe the creation process of Heavenly, we can use one word only – seamless. Just like we hope this composition makes you feel.”

Hoffy Beats & bashful




Hoffy Beats

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bashful x Hoffy Beats – Heavenly

Release Date : July 26, 2022

[ Genres ]
lofi hip hop, chillhop, ambient

[ Similar Artists ]
sleepy fish, Axian, Philanthrope

[ Artist Bio ]
Hoffy Beats (Jonas) is a 26 year old producer and artist from Denmark. He is a self-taught pianist, who loves experimenting with harmony and new sounds. He started his musical journey with guitar lessons at an early age, and explored the possibilities of music production in his teens. Jonas has become a well-known face in the community and is at this moment one of the most successful artists in the scene – and for a good reason! His sound is built on strong chord progressions often paired with beautiful accompaniment such as horns or guitars, as well as clean-sounding drums that stand out from the crowd in terms of sheer quality.

bashful is a producer that dwells in the ambient-driven lofi space. His goal is to simply ease the day of the listener. No stress, no constrains… nothing, but spacious sounds.