The track was inspired by travels, when I went to record over in Tampa USA at Smith Beats house, and we decided to make something groovy and uplifting between all 3 of us. We wanted to make something that flowed, and had energy, whilst also had relaxing and mellow qualities.”



Release Schedule: Jan 9th - "We'll Be Okay"
Genres: Beats, Lofi

Inspired by travel and wanderlust, Banks has created a dreamy gem that puts your worries at ease on his new single “We’ll Be Okay”.

Banks’ transition into lofi music back in 2020 has led to over 200 million streams across platforms and garnered a dedicated fan base who finds solace in his music. He continues to offer listeners peace and comfort with his latest release “We’ll Be Okay” featuring talented beatmakers Smith Beats and bashful.

Between the three of them, they’ve seen support on several editorial playlists on Spotify and Apple, making this quite a noteworthy collaboration. The trio has adorned glossy guitars, spacey synths, and scattered vocals over groovy drums to give us an uplifting experience.

“We’ll Be Okay” inspires us to be grounded as we explore the world around us and satisfy our need for curiosity.



Originally Banks started as a singer and guitarist in an indie / rock band when he was just 16 years old in 2015. In 2020 during the Covid pandemic, he discovered the calming and beautiful community of lofi music. It made him inspired to create this genre of music, and since then hasn't looked back.

  • Featured on multiple Spotify editorials such as Jazz Vibes, Chill Beats, lofi beats, and more
  • Features on Apple Music editorials such as Bedtime Beats and BEATStrumentals
  • 200M+ streams on all platforms combined

Smith Beats

Smith Beats is a 26-year-old music producer who has cultivated a diverse portfolio across various genres. While he has worked on and appreciated a broad spectrum of musical styles, his current focus lies in the production of lofi beats. Beyond his specialization in lofi, he actively engages in engineering and production work for genres such as pop, rock, and hip-hop.

  • Featured on Spotify's lofi beats, chill lofi study beats, Chillout Lounge, lush lofi, Chill Instrumental Beats, Jazz vibes
  • Featured on Apple Music editorial's such as Sleepy, Lofi Sunday & Morning Focus


bashful is a producer that dwells in the ambient-driven lofi space. His goal is to simply ease the day of the listener. No stress, no constraints… nothing, but spacious sounds.

  • Featured on Spotify's lofi meditation

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