First collab between the 2 of us and “Twilight Garden” was born! To me, it really feels like going through a process of being reborn, and finding your way through a garden in the twilight hours, piecing together your bearings and thoughts. To me, it’s more of a morning twilight rather than evening twilight, going along with the theme of rebirth.


To me, this track is about undergoing personal development. The Twilight Garden reflects a calm state of mind – the perfect place for introspection as we venture on a journey to find ourselves.


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[ Key Achievements ]

  • 150M+ combined streams across DSPs
  • 50+ Spotify editorials altogether – including lofi beats, Mellow Beats, State of Jazz, Focus Flow, Shimmer
  • 400K+ combined independent playlist adds from curators like Fantastic Music, Filtr US, College Music, Hip Dozer, Steezyasfuck, Jazz Hop Cafe, Retro Jungle
  • #73 on Global Jazz charts for Axian’s Story Untold
  • previous Stereofox release of Metic – “Finding Home” amassed 250K+ from independent support alone
  • Axian has 160K subscribers on his YT channel
  • previous releases with prominent labels like Chillhop Records, Sony, Hip Dozer, Retro Jungle, Dezi-Belle, Cole Slaw, urbanundergrounds, Inner Ocean
  • collaborations with j’san, Mondo Loops, DYVN, Alberto Droguett, Konteks & many more

Axian & Metic – Twilight Garden

Release Date : October 6, 2022
Artists : Axian, Metic

[ Genres ]
lofi hip hop, chillhop

[ Similar Artists ]
Cloudchord, Mondo Loops, Philanthrope

[ Artist Bio ]
Axian’s music bucks many of lo-fi hip-hop’s clichés: the overuse of the same few samples, the 45-second songs, and the splicing of cartoon dialogue onto beats. His sound – while undeniably influenced by lo-fi – is built off denser, more melodic samples, punchier, more organic drums – as well as his instrumentation, involving Rhodes keys, synths, guitars or horns. This is evident on albums like Chronos and Andromeda where his inspirations from jazz and lo-fi shine through.

Metic fuses soulful guitar grooves with laid-back hip-hop beats. While his playing is rooted in blues and fingerstyle guitar, his productions are informed by 90s boombap, G-funk and trip-hop. A frequent collaborator and a nomadic soul at heart, the New York-based Hong Kong native continues to draw inspiration from both cities.

[ Release Info ]
Embark on a journey of finding yourself with this lush guitar-driven lofi.

The first collaboration of those two chillhop titans (110M+ combined streams on Spotify alone) resulted in “Twilight Garden” – a song that will put you in a calm state of mind, like you’re surrounded by greenery on an early morning. Their slick guitars, warm synths, and gentle beatwork have won over numerous editorial (lofi beats, Focus Flow, Mellow Beats, etc.) & independent (Filtr, Retro Jungle, Hip Dozer) curators.