Taking notes from ‘The Star Diaries’ by Stanisław Lem, this album is a blend of soothing rhythms, carefully thought-out harmonies and textures that explore the overarching theme of space travel.”

Alberto Droguett


Alberto Droguett

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Alberto Droguett – Space Travels LP

Release Date : July 22, 2022

[ Schedule ]
July 8th – Monsterosa ft. Oatmello (1st single release)
July 22th – Space Travels (Full LP Release)

[ Genres ]
jazzhop, jazz fusion, lofi, instrumental

[ Similar Artists ]
Hoogway, Elijah Lee, Axian

[ Artist Bio ]
Born and raised in Chile, the relatively young musician Alberto is trying his best in what it means to become a well-established producer in the beat, jazz and lofi scene. He found solace in meddling with knobs of various kinds, learning about compression and sidechains at an early age. After having found great resonance while listening to some of his inspirations, like Dilla and Nujabes’ music and after having found Axian’s YT channel full of artists such as j^p^n, nymano and the likes, he immediately fell in love with a genre bigger in meaning than he ever thought. A lifeline of sorts. He dreamt of and knew that music had become his life and likewise for his people involved – his friends, which became a family to him.

[ Release Info ]

A collaborative album odyssey inspired by Stanislaw Lem’s art, the debut LP by the Chile producer and musician Alberto Droguett is a blend of soothing rhythms, carefully thought-out harmonies, and textures that explore the overarching theme of space travel. To aid that, minimalist guitars and keys are used, easy on ears, conjuring to the imagination the tranquility of livening in a spaceship, and each friend, a destination. His colorful instrumentation and top-level musicianship distinguish him as one of the most interesting artists on the global jazz & beat scene. Ever since the start of his career, Alberto has been creating music with some of the most established producers and artists on the lofi, jazz scene.

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