Arbour is a productive and consistent talent in the beatmaking community. With three albums in the last three years, as well as numerous EPs, loose singles, and collaborations, the Seattle musician steadily crafts downtempo daydreams.

Hans is driven by a sound that’s relaxed yet uplifting. Sorrowful yet hopeful. Like internalizing the darkness of night while knowing the sun will rise soon. To listen to Arbour is to be at ease, is to hear the waves crashing in the distance, knowing the coast is not too far away. He shares…

The more I write and record the more I’ve realized that music isn’t strictly about the sounds, it can remind people of a place, a time, a smell, a feeling, it really hits every sense we have. I enjoy just trying to capture as many senses as possible with a song and seeing where it takes me.

He came our way thanks to our label family member imagiro. The 2 of them crafted a wonderful chillhop nostalgia and releasing it together was a no-brainer.