“The inspiration behind “Wash Away” all started with a field recording of hang drum recorded on iPhone 5. The sound was so deep and magical, every time we tweaked the sample something special was discovered.

The vocals really tie the song together and give it its meaning. The lyrics “floating between” and “wash away” are a mantra to the idea of letting things go and being okay with that process. The outgoing tide and waves crashing on a beach were a big visual inspiration that helped us carry out the metaphor via music. We wanted to create something fresh yet meditative, something that evokes a sense of mindfulness and allows you to be present and experience the now.”

Koresma & Shuhandz

Wash Away // ft. Ellie Hartye

Release Date : November 28, 2018
Artists : Koresma, Shuhandz

Originating from Asheville, North Carolina multi-instrumentalists and producers Koresma (Ryan Lindberg) and Shuhandz (David Suchan) pair up with singer Ellie Hartye to create the day dream induced song “Wash Away”.

The track features a dreamy female vocal, deep bass, sampled hang drum, and electric guitar that all come together to create liquid like sonic landscape. Known for their serene melodies and hypnotic-like beats, Koresma & Shuhandz found tranquility in this exceptional release. Ellie’s voice perfectly complements their sound with her natural flowing vocal melodies, adjusting her range to fit each musical peak as the song progresses.

“Wash Away” is the type of track every listener can relax and submerge themselves into. In between the lush vocal melodies and remarkable beats, there are several spellbinding guitar hooks that lead the track deeper and deeper into a state of euphoria.