Petite Douceur was composed on a Sunday morning. Little coffee in hand with snowflakes faling from the sky. The inspiration on this song was instantaneous. “Petite douceur” means little sweetness in french and represents well the spirit of this song; a chill melodic and yet energetic ballad that should lift your day.


Vertefeuille | Stereofox Records


MÒZÂMBÎQÚE | Stereofox Records


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Vertefeuille – Petite Douceur

Release Date : May 19, 2023

[ Genres ]
electronica, melodic house, downtempo

[ Similar Artists ]
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[ Artist Bio – Vertefeuille ]
Vertefeuille Vertefeuille (meaning Green Leaf in french), is a Canadian Producer from Montreal, Canada. He is known for his escapist sounds, rich electronic soundscapes, and mellow beats. Whether it’s a soothing chill piano or progressive synth line, Vertefeuille always brings a vibe. Vertefeuille produced hiphop beats years ago and came back to his creative roots 4 years ago.

[ Artist Bio – MÒZÂMBÎQÚE ]
Beautiful, hypnotic electronic music rooted in ambient, experimental sensibilities and brushed with melancholy moments for when the night isn’t over just yet.

[ Release Info ]
Electronic producer Vertefeuille acquaints you with a range of emotions on his breath-taking new single “Petite douceur”.

The work of the Canadian producer is a source of melodic escapism for listeners. In his early years he crafted hip hop instrumentals, and through this process he not only attained expertise as an artist, but he also began to understand the kind of spirit he wants to embody through his music. This is when he made the transition into electronic music and became known for creating immersive tracks adorned with colourful textures. This sentiment is beautifully exhibited in his vibrant release “Petite Douceur” – a journey-like experience brimming with a sense of optimism with its lush soundscapes and energetic progression. It’s also been given new life through a calm remix by the renowned MÒZÂMBÎQÚE who continuously appears on numerous Spotify and Apple Music editorials.

This is Vertefeuille’s first release with Stereofox, and it serves as the teaser to his Find Me EP dropping on June 14th.