“This collection of 6 tracks was the first time I ever thought about making an EP. It took me and E I S U more than expected to finish it, since we started the creative process just after the quarantine started last year. Nonetheless, we’re really happy it’s finally out in the world. Personally, I’ve dealt with lots of issues during this recording process – doubt, sadness and even hatred. But with the negatives, come positives and that’s what this whole EP is all about. It is a snapshot of what I was at that moment in time. A photo that is always going to be with me and a photo I can share with the world.

We wanted to create a project that’s minimalistic at heart, but still captivates people’s hearts and lets them drift away with their own thoughts.”


tapei artist stereofox


e i s u


tapei x E I S U – inner EP

Release Date : August 5, 2021
Artists : E I S U, Tapei

Piano-driven ambiance beautifully blended with expansive lo-fi beats. This gentle sound goes beyond the borders of Chile and Iceland – the home countries of tapei and E I S U. Written during the Pandemic, the release is a guide through both mellow and hopeful emotions. The end goal? To captivate the listener.

tapei is a Chillean producer known in the beat scene for his serene and calm sound. Previously worked with artists like imagiro, enluv and also E I S U, Vanys has captured the souls of millions of people with its releases.