“Mars” was influenced by climate change. The world is changing before our eyes, and I’ve realized that material things and petty arguments are not worth it. It calls on listeners to wake up and start caring about the world, because the only way to rectify the damage is to work together.”

Tally Schwenk

This is a code red moment for humanity, and a code GREEN moment for climate solutions.

Climate Power US

tally scwhenk

Tally Schwenk



[ Key Achievements ]

  • Tally Schwenk has written for Jennifer Lopez & Tank and the Bangas and was featured in Curtis Roach’s The Joy Tape
  • featured on several Spotify editorials including Butter, dazed, Jazz Rap, lofi beats
  • “Mars” is endorsed by US NGO Climate Power & Friends of the Earth Bulgaria
  • supported by numerous curators like EARMILK, Soave, Sidekick Music, Vokall,  Fantastic Music, thebootlegboy, Czech Vibes Sound, Bristol Funk, The Pit London & more
  • added to over 28k independent playlists

[ Praise ]

  • “She is more than confident and comfortable as she delivers a heartwarming performance”EARMILK
  • “intimate storytelling”Sidekick Music

Tally Schwenk & Mensing – Mars

Release Date : April 22, 2022

[ Release Date ]
April 22nd – Earth Day

[ Genres ]
electro-pop, r&b, chill pop

[ Similar Artists ]
Joyce Wrice, VanJess, Xavier Omar, H.E.R.

[ Artist Bio ]
Hailing from both sides of the Atlantic – USA & Germany, Tally Schwenk & Mensing have strong collaboration and chemistry.
Tally is a singer & songwriter who had the opportunity to write for names like Jennifer Lopez, Tank and the Bangas, and Curtis Roach, as well as being featured on Curtis’s 2021 The Joy Tape.
Mensing, on the other hand, is a versatile and skilled producer working in the fields of hip hop, r&b, electro-pop, and chillhop and having won the hearts of several Spotify editors (lofi beats, Butter, Jazz Rap & more).
Their previous joint works found great support from numerous independent curators, including EARMILK, Soave, Vokall, Fantastic Music, etc. and this is their 2nd release with Stereofox Records – the first received outstanding praise from EARMILK, Sidekick Music, The Pit London, Unity Records, Garden Cactus Records & more.

[ Release Info ]
The heartfelt appeal of a singer who doesn’t want to “live on Mars”.

This electro-pop gem tells the story of the consequences that will inevitably follow our actions (and inactivity) towards our planet. Supported by US NGO Climate Power & international environmental network Friends of the Earth, “Mars” will release on Earth Day together with a powerful & emotional music video.

Tally’s songwriting (she’s written for J.Lo & Tank and the Bangas) shines on top of Mensing’s captivating production.

[ Climate Facts ] *courtesy of Climate Power US*

● Climate-related disasters in 2021 caused over $145 billion in damages.
● In 2021, more than 40% of Americans experienced a climate disaster, and more than 80% of Americans experienced extreme heat.
● A winter wildfire is a rare event, but many weather experts say as the climate warms and droughts become more common, it won’t be all that rare in the future.
● 2021 was the third most-active Atlantic hurricane season on record.
● The second-largest fire in California history, the Dixie Fire, consumed almost a million acres in 2021.
● Extreme weather across the U.S. in 2021 is contributing to more volatility in crop markets with prices for food like canola oil wheat hitting record highs.

[ Climate Power US mission statement ]

This is our climate moment. It’s time for Congress to deliver bold climate action with justice for those on the frontlines of the climate crisis, lowering costs for families, and advancing real American energy independence by turbocharging our clean energy economy.

This is a code red moment for humanity, and a code GREEN moment for climate solutions.