“Symmetry is the culmination of more than a year and a half growth and change for me as an individual, producer, musician, engineer and collaborator. With this EP, I’ve had the opportunity to work with artists from all genres of music and from across the United State. I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with the amazing visual artist Gergena Stancheva from Sofia Bulgaria and the incredible people at StereoFox hailing from Berlin, Germany. That makes for a worldwide collaboration, if anyone is measuring.

Overall I could not be happier with how this EP has finalized. Each track generates feelings in me that are completely different from anything else I have produced. For that I am thankful for all of the musicians, artists and collaborators who made this release available. This truly would not be what it is without each and every one of you. Thank you.

Music is and should always be free. I hope the EP and forthcoming project, reflects that ideology.”

Ryan Mahrer

Symmetry EP

Release Date : April 17, 2019
Artist : Ryan Mahrer

Denver-based guitarist and producer Ryan Mahrer goes all-in on breakout solo project. Having first built a name under the electro soul duo Tortuga, he became a hired gun supporting prominent names in the Denver electronic scene.

In Symmetry EP, he comes wielding a stacked line-up of featured artists to complement the an eclectic sonic pallet. Catch the likes of MCs ProbCause, Mr. Lif, and Dylan Montayne to vocalist Lily Fangz to Durham, NC based producer NYM throughout this release.

With an impeccable weaving of thunderous sound design over a catchy, soulful chorus and bountiful blues licks, EP’s first single – “Love’s Taken Its Toll” immerses us in a sincere form of summer madness.