“The Man From Nowhere is what I consider some of my best work to date. I wanted to take people on a journey, one that isn’t necessarily linear. A journey through time and healing as I reveal all of these different parts of myself through song. I didn’t let genres or what’s contemporary move me in any specific direction. The concept for the album is an allegory for my real life. I wanted to create a story that felt fantastical for this project, almost like an urban myth. The man from nowhere is a deep exploration, a mission to find something new. Within that process, I found healing and a whole new sound to along with it.”

Rodney Hazard


Rodney Hazard

[ Key Achievements ]

» 1M+ streams combined across DSPs
» 400k+ YouTube video views
» featured on Spotify’s Chill Tracks editorial, Amazon Music’s Breakthrough Electronic editorial playlist
» 150+ shows in USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Czech Republic
» Opened for Future, Run The Jewels, Alchemist, Buddy, Mannie Fresh, and DJ Craze
» As creative director, he’s worked with VICE, Samsung, American Express, AT&T, Diageo, Bacardi, and Under Armour – https://rodneyhazard.com/about
» 4k followers Spotify, 18.2k Instagram | 900K listeners on Spotify, over 3M streams across DSPs.
» Rodney Hazard’s lead single from his previous EP entitled “Lean Back” landed on the breakbeat/electronic charts in 5 countries: Germany, Poland, Canada, Switzerland, Australia

[ Praise ]

  • “Finding downtempo/minimal artists that are captivating is tough; it’s like scouring the globe for diamonds. They’re rarely found, BUT lucky for you, Hazard is here to bless you with his latest track called, “Lean Back.” The track has easy-going tones and vocal samples that keep you in a daze, while relaxing your mind. In fact, we’ve been playing it all morning in the Gas Mask HQ” – Gas Mask Magazine

Rodney Hazard – The Man From Nowhere EP

Release Date : October 21, 2022

[ Schedule ]
October 7th – “Rainforest”
October 21st – The Man From Nowhere

[ Genres ]
alternative r&b, electronica, future beats

[ Similar Artists ]
ODESZA, Lapalux, Flying Lotus, Jacques Greene

[ Mood ]
futuristic, aesthetic, dark, chill

[ Artist Bio ]

Rodney Hazard is a multidisciplinary artist and creative director based in Brooklyn, NY that boasts an impressive repertoire of musical and visual art collaborations. With his lucid, emotive production, he’s worked with artists including multi-platinum recording artist Bipolar Sunshine, members of the A$AP Mob, Nessly, Meyhem Lauren, AZ, Lais, Joe Budden, and more.

As a musician and DJ, he has performed across the country and in Canada, opening for Future, Run The Jewels, Alchemist, Buddy, Mannie Fresh, and DJ Craze. Rodney facilitates a variety of audiovisual experiences across the nation, fostering a sense of inclusivity amongst his audiences.

As a creative director, some of Rodney’s past clients include VICE, Duolingo, Samsung, American Express, AT&T, Diageo, Bacardi, Revolt, and more. Rodney Hazard is a well-rounded virtuoso of creativity with a concentration in music, design, and film. Rodney is currently an independent artist.

[ Behind The Concept ]

The man from nowhere lives alone in a palace, at the top of an urban kingdom, a metropolis if you will. He locked himself in there, isolated so he can focus on music for the rest of his time within the dimension with no distraction. And now, as a result, his hands turn into heavy blocks of stone and he can no longer continue.

As time moves forward, he learns that in order to heal, he has to go outside. The man from nowhere has to connect with the world again and dream out loud so he can be able to create his music.

As the man begins to travel, creating through his dreams, he starts to heal. The process is very slow and the stones are very heavy, but over time they gather moss and nature becomes a part of him.

After the success of his previous release with Stereofox, now, Rodney is leaving the “Sandcastles” and is expanding his approach with a darker touch. But the smile on his face is getting back as the clouds surrounding him sound just like he imagines. And we are here to follow him on his journey.

One of the artist’s goals with the new album is to connect with his fans in a more interactive way. The single “Rainforest”, following the release of the focus track “VelvetRope” will be presented to the world via custom animations, which are going to be connected with the storyline of the main character in the EP. The artist is also working on a physical & digital booklet product, which will be released as official merch shortly after the premiere of the album. The booklet itself will contain more exclusive content, lyrics & visuals. These elements will connect the last pieces of the puzzle and the idea behind the creation of the album.