Yotopia Stones is inspired by power stones (gems) – each song has a special meaning as a power stone does. I hope you discover Yotopia within yourself while listening to this album

Reo Matsumoto

re os reo matsumoto - artist photo


[ Key Achievements ]

  • 500k+ streams on all DSPs combined
  • music included in campaigns of renowned brands such as VANS, Converse, National Geographic
  • beatboxing champion of Japan in 2011
  • interviewed and included in Roland’s article on the evolution of Japanese beat scene, together with names like Nujabes, Budamunk, Daedelus and more
  • organizer of handpan players festival in Japan

Re Os – REO MATSUMOTO – Yotopia Stones

Release Date : June 14, 2022

[ Schedule ]
May 9th – Blue Moon Stone
May 23rd – Gold Leaf
Jun 6th – vinyl campaign start
Jun 14th – Yotopia Stones (full album drop)

[ Genres ]
beats, lofi, jazzhop

[ Similar Artists ]
The Kount, Ian Ewing, Bugseed

[ Artist Bio ]
A professional beatmaker, handpan player and music director, Reo started his music journey with beatboxing, becoming Japan’s Beatbox Champion for 2011. He started releasing beats under the alias Re Os – Reo Matsumoto in 2021, sharing his own unique perspective on chillhop with vibrant, melodically rich compositions.

The multi-talented artist has travelled the world, as a street musician and while touring with his band MATSUMOTO ZOKU. He has lived on four different continents, immersing in the artistic air of Vienna, Melbourne and New York in addition to his hometown Tokyo. His music offers an amalgam of influences, taking inspiration from electronic, hip hop, jazz and psytrance with beat music being the backbone of his sound.

[ Release Info ]

Reo’s impact on the Japanese beat scene keeps growing with every project he drops and this one will surely be a step further. In his first release with Stereofox – Yotopia Stones, the beatsmith combines sampling and chopping to craft groovy tracks with emphasized urban flavour. His cosmopolitan mindset breathes life into the compositions, taking the listener to a very special place – the inner landscape.

Even though the tracks would perfectly fit any social situation, the inspiration behind the album lies in the journey within. Each track is dedicated to a specific type of cristal, inspired by the power and meaning of each gem. And just like gems help people with their special qualitites, the tracks from this album are meant to enable the listener to surrender to the feeling of inner confidence and ability to handle anything.

Supplied with enough grooves, playful melodies and energizing drums, the tracks combine a variety of influences and flavours, while rooted in chillhop.

The luscious jazzy nature of the beats is emphasized even more in two of the singles, as they feature live-played instrumentation by pianist Takumi Kaneko in “Lapis Lazuli” and bassist miffrino in “Rainbow Fluorite”.

Cheerful and uplifting, Yotopia Stones will certainly satiate any listener’s hunger for fresh beats.