“It’s rare to find a band with a concept where every track is part of the puzzle, and is in unison with the other songs. Maybe this is the most impressive quality of Nocktern. The name, the music and the visual part are synced and carry the same feeling.” Podmosta

“Nocktern is one of the most original projects in Bulgaria” Tsvetan Tsvetanov – Bulgarian National Radio / Alarma Punk Jazz

“Their song “Hollow” is an absolute genre-bender. For 4 minutes and 24 seconds, dark pop, indie electronica, and traces of alternative rock live in absolute harmony.” Stereofox for “Hollow”

“”I’ve never heard about NOCKTERN until now, and honestly, I‘m glad that I did. I guess I have a weird personal association with it – what came to mind was a weird disconnection between a memory and the feeling (s) attached to it.” Mild Kiriya

“We recently discovered the music of Bulgarian band Nocktern and were carried away into an aesthetically spectacular experience. Slow, emotive, and melancholic, the electronic soundscape is not just a song, it’s a work of art.” – Independent Music Reviews for “Hollow”

“Scavengers” opens a dialogue on topics such as consumerism in today’s world, melancholy, interaction and communication, awareness of the actions and inactions of humanity and their consequences, affecting both nature and society. The meaning of the word ‘scavenger’ is a person who searches for and collects discarded items or an animal that feeds with leftovers. But it can also be a creature that can use the “found” and build something completely new from it.

nocktern band press photo 2




Release Date : May 12, 2021

Formed in 2006 as a solo project of Stoimen Stoyanov, NOCKTERN is a Bulgarian electro- rock band from Sofia, Bulgaria. During the years Nocktern was producing music with different artists and bands until his first EP entitled “No Sugar Added” was released in 2016 with a promo concert in the Bulgarian National Radio. “No Sugar Added” is a mixture between trip-hop, nu-jazz, ambient, and neo classical with a cinematic tone. Stoimen formed a band with which they played in different venues and festivals presenting the album.

That was the beginning of Nocktern’s live band, where different artists join the project for live performances of the compositions of this specific album.Later in 2017, he released a solo piano album of 3 songs called “Pieces of Lyla” which is a triptych of a girl passing through states of excitement, melancholy, and harmony.

NOCKTERN has shared a stage with musicians like Kayo Dot, Jozef Van Wissem, Ivan Shopov, Mytrip, Theodosii Spassov, 2hennings, Dayo, and more.

In 2020 a new member was involved in the project – Boris Malevanov (Heptagram), who takes his place behind the drums. In 2020 they released a few singles from the upcoming album that they were working on at the moment. The singles caught the attention with a style that is different from what Nocktern was before. Dark Pop with rock and electronica the style of this new band was evolving with every single they released. Later on, in 2021 Dido Peshev (Last Hope, Them Frequencies) joined the band on the guitars. Stoimen and Dido have played together before in their first band. The hardcore- sludge quartet Them Frequencies released 2 albums and had multiple European tours.

The first full-length album “Scavengers” was released in May 2021 and immediately caught the attention with the mix of genres between the songs. From dark pop to cinematic landscapes to neo-classical, industrial, and rock.

No Sugar Added – 2016
Pieces of Lyla – 2017
NoStalgia – 2020
Scavengers – 2021

Appears on:
Ivan Shopov, Avigeya, Nocktern – Momina Molitva
Ivan Shopov- Belo Rade (Nocktern remix) – 2019
Amek Collective- Vanishing Standards: Nocktern – Mind over heart