I loved the progression of the original but wanted to really beef it up and give it a big layered sound by the end of the track. Really good fun to work on and take it in a slightly different direction.


I knew straight away what I was going to do with this remix. Loved the sound of the synth in the original track so decided to resample and chop it up, this provided the bounce in the groove I was looking for. Lots of fun…..Big up Mazoulew!




Mazoulew – Restrospective (The Remixes)

Artist : Mazoulew

Mazoulew is a frequent face among Stereofox’s release catalogue. Earlier this year we released his laid back jam, “Retrospective”, and now it is our pleasure to show you two more artists’ stunning takes on the track.

UK-based Verdance kicks off the remix package with a crisp reimagining of the original. Airy synths and tight percussion dance back and forth with a keen urgency, while the pulsing rhythm keeps things cool, calm, and collected. This remix is an adventure of a track, creating a world and carrying the listener gently through it.

Tight grooves and punchy synths are the name of the game in Bristol-based producer Hessian’s contribution to the remix package. Touching all bases, the track manages to be an absolute dance anthem without compromising on melodics and atmosphere. For those of you looking for a touch of groove for your playlists, this is the track for you.