“The song is all about caring about your loved ones, giving them the room and support to fulfill themselves and buiding up a strong relationship together. That’s exactly what happens in the song with the different instruments.”




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LOKY – Together Alone

Release Date : April 27, 2023

[ Schedule ]
April 27th – Together Alone

[ Genres ]
lo-fi, instrumental hip-hop, chill beats

[ Similar Artists ]
sftspkn, dennisivnvc, fnonose

[ Release Info ]

Austrian producer and saxophonist LOKY has won the hearts of thousands of lofi / beat fans across the globe. After his first collaborative release with another label mate from Stereofox fnonose, now the talented artist and musician delivers his second release with Stereofox with the warm beat “Together Alone” – mellow piano chords, steady-paced drums with tight grooves, and on top, some dreamy saxophone lead melodies will fill your heart with love and peace.

[ Artist Bio ]

23 years old Stefan Koller PKA Loky is an Austrian music producer and saxophonist LOKY (Stefan Koller) who started playing saxophone at the age of 8. He started producing music at the age of 17 and immediately fell in love with beat, lo-fi instrumental music ever since he created his first beat. He loves to combine jazz and hip-hop elements with ambient soundscapes and soft melodies, and on top of that his signature saxophone sound. His music has always been conceptual and there is a story behind each of his tracks. A huge fan of the vintage sound and “real” instruments. Enjoying the process of making music and collaborating with other artists is what he values the most.

LOKY is a true nature lover, and his biggest passion besides making music is skiing.