“Fractals” was heavily inspired by tracks and albums that we had been listening to at the time – Axians’ Andromeda which inspired the saxophone work and quickly quickly’s release over skies was a huge inspiration for the melancholic synth.

Most of our own sessions begin with us simply listening to music, sometimes for hours before deciding on an idea that inspires us. That’s how we ended up making a track that felt both intense and hard-hitting while still maintaining a melancholic and introspective feel of a chillhop/instrumental hip hop track. A thin, but very important line of balance.




Laurent – Fractals

Release Date : February 16, 2021

The two members of Laurent, Jacob and Rico, met and became friends about 7 years ago while watching other people producing on Ableton on Twitch. They bonded over long Skype sessions where they would bounce ideas off each other or share constructive criticism.

Laurent, however, wasn’t formed until March of 2020 where both decided to focus on making music since all of their classes were completely remote due to the COVID situation. Blending live and electronic elements, the duo are aiming to explore the creative space beyond instrumental hip hop music and create something fresh and engaging.

“Fractals” marks their first release via Stereofox Records and it is a solid, brass-driven composition that embodies both melancholic feelings and energetic jazz ambiance.