“Being a stripped-down mix of samples, live instruments and foley, Dumplin’ is meant to feel and sound like a kitchen in the heat of prepping a tasty treat. The crackling of the oil and the chopping of knives, plus the sweet melody to help it all go down, are all sounds that define the track.


Kuchi – Dumplin’

Release Date : April 8, 2021

Pennsylvanian music producer Kuchi carries a great love for Asian and other international sonic flavors, present in all of his creations. The tender lo-fi textures heard on “Dumplin'” are no exception.

The soft bell-like plucks alternating between left and right in the stereo soundscape of the track will take you on a pleasant journey heading East. Carrying a certain warmth easily associated with a cozy kitchen filled with wonderful smells, the foley crackles give the beat its distinct lo-fi staple, while the drums keep the main groove grounded and stable.

The appetizing sound of “Dumplin'”, released via Stereofox, is meant to quench your musical hunger for mellow chillhop beats.